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    For the poor children
    Every day we bring hope to millions of children in the world's
    hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.
  • For Poor Children
    Raise Your Helping Hand
    Every day we bring hope to millions of children in the world's
    hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.
    For Their Better Future
    Every day we bring hope to millions of children in the world's
    hardest places as a sign of God's unconditional love.

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Barama Charity Foundation is a community-based organization that makes it neccessary for Orphaned ch...

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Fund & Educate A Child

At Barama Charity Foundation we have connections to Orphanages that allows us to look after Orphaned...

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Get Involved

Get in Involved in our Drives to make people's lives better everyday. We ensure that all our benefic...

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Call +41798932645

The First step towards getting involved with our activities is giving us a call or contacting us in ...

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Welcome To Barama charity Foundation

Barama Charity Foundation is, a non-profit charity helping poor people more especially the youth in Uganda and in Switzerland as one of our

measures to fight against global poverty and HIV through education, housing services, health services and developmental projects. Barama foundation is inspired and driven by the potential not only to survive but to thrive, to become leaders who bring economical and health changes to the lives vu

  •  Education Support
  •  Family Support
  •  Child Adoption
  •  Fund Raising
  •  Counselling the Youth
  •  Childhood Care
  •  Build Orphanage
  •  Volunteer Work
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Featured Causes

What We Do?

We are dedicated towards doing good for all people in unfavourable situations. We give the Children a Future and Lots more.

Counselling services

Counselling and Psychotherapy can be of great support in times of crisis or change. It involves the provis...


To equip children with life skills which will help them become good citizens and increase the number of sc...


we work hand in hand with orphanages in various parts of the world namely uganda and switzerland.It is a pl...

We Donate

Phosfluorescently deliver real-time initiatives with covalent systems. Rapidiously maximize end-to-end meta...

We Volunteer

Our Volunteers should know that we use Taxi and motorcycle as the easiest way of Transport to reach people ...

Our Causes

In our Causes we strive to make lives of Children, Women, The disabled and the destitute and all types of people better

Educate a girl

Negotiating a Better Future Through Life Skills Barama charity Works to improve the literacy, he...

Clean Water

Our Aim is to provide Water for the people in Africa. We request for your assistance in this endeavo...

A House for the Orphans in Kamuli

Assertively reintermediate maintainable schemas vis-a-vis open-source solutions. Phosfluorescently e...

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Our Volunteers

Our Team is comprised of Volunteers from all over the world with various skills to helps us in our works. Our Volunteers offer free service for the betterment of humanity

Nankya Majorine

Founder and project coordinator

Responsible for the development and sustaining of all progra...

Dieter Brega

Children’s - educational programme

makes sure that the children we sponsor are in schools and i...

Irene Nanteza

Nurse and women’s group

Bagaala Irene Esther

Youth group and agriculture sector

Controls the matrials used in farming, provid...

André Stracksein

Engineer- Construction Programme
As part of our vision to construct schools and other structures in ...

Nabasirye Teddy

Artcraft work shop and children’s programme
Our Children's program is graced by a hu...

Gorges Volken

Adviser and health sector

Sharon Nambogo

Educate a girl programme and information

Selles Laurent

He is a Global Expert in Intellectual Property and Marketing and Invention and an important Adviser that guide...

Become a Volunteer

Becoming a volunteer is a vocation that comes from self. It comes from the heart and the need to selfless help others to become better or live better tham their current situation. We Invite you to become a Volunteer at Barama Charity Foundation.

The Video is humbly shared with the assistance of the International Volunteer Head Quarters, We Thanks them

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